A New Year...

2011-01-07 13:04:27 by KNanakase

I'm not sure how many people still visit my page or watch ludas animans, but I'd like to say I hope you all had a happy new year.

The past week I've been playing through Tales of Vesperia on the xbox 360. I've been playing it non stop, in fact. The last time I played it was two years ago or so when I rented it when I bought myself the 360 arcade for christmas that year. If remember correctly, my last save back then was when I just got my flying transport vessel. Since that time I had been trying to find it to buy, but never found it at any store. So, two years later, my younger brother asks me if I wanted anything for christmas. I honestly couldn't think of anything at the time as I had given up on finding ToV at a store, and there was really nothing I wanted at the time (the only games I'm looking forward to right now are Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Dragon Age II). I did kind of mention my failed battle of finding ToV in passing, so he walks off and comes back a minute later and tells me how ordered it on Amazon and that it'd be delivered in about two days (it arrived on December 28th) . I was left speechless for a moment, but let out a thank you afterward. So, yes, I finally have ToV and am enjoying it immensely (currently clocked over 83 hours, and haven't even beat it yet). I decided to start over from the beginning, though, as it has been too long since my last play of the game.

Now, I know some might think that I could have ordered it online much sooner, but to be honest, I'm paranoid about ordering anything online, plus I don't have a credit card anyways. So it was fruitless endeavour on my end.

Once I finish ToV, I need to work on my lastest flash project. I have three links left in the chain, two of which are action sequences, and each action sequence are to be at least 30 seconds long each. It doesn't seem like much, but anyone who has read my comments on ludas animans knows how long it takes me to come up with and animate action sequences. I finished the last link I did in late October, so yeah... I haven't worked on the project in the last two months! Procrastination is a annoying *****, but I seem to suffer from it all the ****ing time. Gah, I really want to finish this project so that I could work on ludas animans again. I miss it...

Anyways, I think that's about all I can think of saying at this point, so see you all later!


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2011-01-10 23:57:16

i gotta let you know i've been waiting some years for the next episode of ludas animans. dont think for a second that people forgot. its just you never made the next episode and people stopped comeing. any chance for an episode 9 in the future?

your humble fan~ sirclickalot3

KNanakase responds:

There is indeed a chance. Well, not a chance; there will be a episode 9.


2011-07-24 21:43:12

Episode 9.... I honestly will wait till the ends of time if I possibly could, just to see Ludas Aninans completed. Amazing work, good sir.

KNanakase responds:

Sorry for the...long delay... But honestly, my current project is extremely intimidating to do me. Even now, I'm putting off working on it because I fear that when I finish it and the viewers watch it, it won't meet their expectations. I mean, there's only so much I can imagine, but at the same time, I try my best animating what's in my mind. And what I imagine may not be awe inspiring.

Anyways, despite putting it off for this long, I want to try to finish animating it by the end of this month so that I could start working on ludas animans again in the fall. I just hope my procrastination and laziness don't creep up on me, and that the action sequences I'm imagining in my head don't take forever to animate.

I've head these action sequences in my mind for the past year or so, but getting there is another matter entirely. But, thank you for the comment, I've been feeling down lately and it boosted my mood. Thanks again, truly.