ludas animans Episode 8

2007-09-24 17:51:00 by KNanakase

Production of ludas animans Ep. 8 began a few weeks after the release of episode 7. It was pretty much right after I dealt with the problem episode 7 was having with loading for some users.

For episode 8, I wanted to tell a little side story not totally related to the overall plot. I mean what's the point of making a flash series about video games without actually showing the main character interact with main characters of other games? So far the one of the only main characters Chris has interacted with was X. Lou is a main character from his game, but he's a solid ally for Chris and is seen in every episode with no real threat of him leaving the group any time soon. Other main characters that Chris will interact with will most likely be guest characters that will join him in a few episodes.

The guest characters for episode 8 up until this story arc's finale will be "Tales of" characters. If you didn't know, I'm a huge Tales fan and I've been dying to use them in some way. I was thinking about doing this episode since the production of episode 7, and maybe had fleeting thoughts about it even before then. So finally being able to animate some of my favorite tales characters in ludas animans is like a dream come true.

I breezed through the dialog scenes like it was nothing. In fact, I think I may have finished the dialog scenes in the first couple of months of this year. Of course, I was hindered on one particular scene I was trying to convey. It was a flashback scene, and it took me forever to think of how to do it. I eventually did, but I'm still not too satisfied with it.

Episode 8's guest characters are Frio and Kyaro from Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3, and Presea from Tales of Symphonia. You won't see much of Kyaro until episode 9 though. The premise of the episode is that Kyaro was kidnapped by goblins. Chris and company help Frio try to save her, and they seek Presea's help along the way.

Dialog scene screen shots in upcoming posts. Also, make sure you view these posts backwards, as in this post is the first post, but is actually numbered 16, so the next post would be 15 then 14 and so on.


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2007-09-24 19:03:27

Oh God, I remember you! GOOD LUCK!


2007-10-01 20:21:48

As far as your flash ability goes.. I'm not worthy XD I love Presea and seeing a shot of Resolute Infliction was promising. The only thing I wanna know is do you have any release date planned or estimate to when this comes out? I've been waiting ages again for another episode lol

(Updated ) KNanakase responds:

So far there's no estimate for when it will be released. I wanted to release it before the 13th of this month, but right now it looks like it's not gonna happen. Hopefully, I'll release it before the year is over. I'll update my blog when it is nearing completion.

Thanks for the comments!


2007-10-03 14:53:08

This series is so awesome... I was just taking a quick look at my favourites to decide who I'd give a random 5 to, then I saw Ludas Animans episode 7, so I went to it... Then I thought to myself, "I wonder if episode 8 is out yet...", then I found out about this info in your blog thing, and it's good to know. I'm looking forward to the eighth episode.


2007-10-11 09:58:57

And so the long wait soon comes to an end... hopefully. Should be awesome, I'll be looking forward to this.


2008-02-13 12:40:20

i can wait, the next episode please!!

KNanakase responds:

I'm at the final stretch animation-wise. I pretty much just have to animate three sections. One of which is the end of the action sequence, which I'm trying to perfect as much as I can, but right now it isn't looking as good as it is in my mind. There's only so much I can do with what I have. The other two scenes consist of falling action linking to the end of action sequence as a whole, and a short dialog scene for the actual end of the episode.

So hopefully I can finish animating the episode within the week or two. I'll update my blog when animation is complete. I'll put a update notice on Episode 7 so you'll know when I updated my blog. I'll put a date next to the notice as well.

Till then, just wait a little longer!


2008-02-23 20:55:13

Once again, I found myself wondering if episode 8 was out yet... and it sounds as though the wait is nearly over. Looking forward to it.

KNanakase responds:

*in a Mr. Burns voice*