Weird, yet amusing online experience.

2008-04-13 17:40:12 by KNanakase

I was playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl online last night and was playing Team Battle With Anyone. I mostly played as Zero Suit Samus, but sometimes switched to Peach, Pikachu, Ness, or Lucas. Anyways, there were two other people that never left after the matches. One was a person who only used Link and the other person mostly used Ganondorf and Wolf.

I played matches with these two guys (and a random 4th player that was never constant until the very end) for around 3-4 hours straight. I was paired with the Link player the most, but that's kinda irrelevant. I thought the matches were pretty fun and even, though Wolf is a hassle to deal with for me (I consider myself average at Smash).

Toward the end of this online binge, after a disappointing defeat at Hyrule Temple (from a "running away from me the entire match after I lost the first life" 4th player), I just felt like I was cheated against and wanted to exact my vengeance on the 4th player. I was Pikachu, by the way.

When the next match started, I was paired with the Link player and we were against Ganondorf and the 4th player who chose Kirby this time. By this point, I think the Link player, Ganondorf player, and myself were feeling pretty mellow. I'm not sure how it started, but Link began attacking Kirby with arrows and the boomerang and I stood still and kind of assessed the start of the battle and noticed that Kirby wasn't really doing anything against the onslaught. The Link player then knocked Kirby toward the right edge of the stage (the battle was on Final Destination), which was where I was and did a simple headbutt and Kirby fell off the edge and didn't attempt to recover. Ganondorf was hanging on the right ledge and had been taunting up to that point. I think I might have knocked him off the edge with the headbutts I was doing. I think the Kirby player was away from the controller or something so I thought to myself "Man, this isn't fair to the Ganondorf player..." So while Link was just shooting arrows at the stationary Kirby, I did a fully charged skull bash to end Kirby's second life. Immediately after that it was like we all just suddenly asked ourselves "Why are we fighting?" And just started spam taunting and doing other silly things the rest of the match, we didn't attack each other or anything.

I don't why that happened, but it just tickled me as it was happening. We did this spam taunting, fooling around for like 5 or 6 straight matches (the 4th player was still away from the controller during this whole duration until the very end of a match at Shadow Moses where it was a Sudden Death. As usual, us three were just spam taunting waiting for the bombs to start falling to see who would survive last. When out of nowhere Kirby comes back to life and hammers Ganondorf and KO's him exactly when the first bomb spawns right next to Kirby and KO's him second. Link and I are still spam taunting when all that went down, but I was the third to go and finally Link immediately after me.

I saved the replays of four of those matches since it was something that was just so unexpected for me and because of some things that I consider highlights, which include:

Final Destination:
-nothing really of note other than this is the match that started it all
-Ganondorf spamming Warlock Punch and me spamming Thunder simultaneously

Bridge of Eldin:
-breaking our own shields
-throwing ourselves into the pit of the bridge like lemmings towards the end of the match

Shadow Moses:
-blowing ourselves up with blast boxes (Ganondorf and me)
-running continuously into a bumper that was on the side of a tower (Ganondorf and me)
-just focusing solely on breaking down the towers
-the sudden death I explained above

Anyways, I wish I knew who those two players were because I'd like to play a game with them again.

...Yeah, useless post isn't it?


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2008-06-06 04:28:38

Check your Private messages, I sent you one. I have a huge proposition for you that can possibly get you and your animations more exposure! It's about teaming up with me to do a flash movie.



2008-08-28 21:32:17

haha i liked that smash story. It was good. Maybe those two other players may eventually find this post and contact you. btw im a kean smash player but i dnt play online much. But if i do i'll send you my friend code.